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REIN Success Stories


On this page is a very small sampling of the reams of testimonials, letters and thank you's we receive in our office daily. These comments are why we continue to provide Canada's leading real estate training.

By: Carol Coote
From: Toronto, ON

It truly gave me insights on what and how to look at investment properties. I never would have learned all I needed to know except through mistakes. Undoubtedly it has saved me thousands of dollars already. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go out and start looking for my next property and realizing my dream. Thank You!

By: Shelley Greschner
From: Sherwood Park, AB

I wish we had taken this course before we actually started investing in Real Estate four years ago. This will definitely make a difference in how I do Real Estate deals.

By: Raj Mann
From: Vancouver, BC

Best program/seminar I have ever attended. I had no knowledge really about Real Estate Investing. Attending ACRE™ has given me knowledge and confidence [on] how to achieve my goals involving Real Estate Investing. I also really appreciated Don Campbell’s willingness to speak with people like myself.

By: Andrew Wong
From: Vancouver, BC

I’ve taken a lot of Real Estate courses, and in my opinion ACRE™ is the one-stop course for serious investors. No other course I have seen packs so much practical content for such an affordable price.

By: Dan Frisch
From: Toronto, ON

Fantastic weekend. The confidence I have gained and the contacts I’ve made are well worth the price of admission. ACRE™ is a breath of fresh air. I’ve never encountered a group so committed to honesty, integrity and positivity in my life.

By: Michelle Martin
From: Calgary, AB

Wonderful content. I don’t know how anyone would get started without it! It has given me a great platform to start with. I now get the financing game. It also gave me some great insight to helping the business I currently own that will help me in Real Estate investing. The program has eliminated my fear of action!

By: Leigh Dawson
From: Kelowna, BC

So helpful we’re finally getting Canadian specific content! When to buy, where to buy, how to stand out and be noticed. How to quickly get what you want (investor binder, sandbox rules, etc.)

By: Tasha Monaghan
From: Cambridge, ON

Life changing and hugely valuable…Priceless! Fabulous networking opportunity. I discovered that I can really do this, I gained the confidence I need, I had my questions answered, [and] I met positive people with really good advice!

By: Lisa and Glen Baillargeon
From: Edmonton

Hi everyone

Here’s our journey on creating a portfolio of $4,300,000 consisting of 12 houses in Edmonton in 7 years.  

A little bit about me, Lisa, I am currently a Self employed Plumber Gasfitter, co-owner of Alaas Plumbing and Gas fitting, have a diploma in Hotel Management having worked at the Four Seasons and the Pan Pacific, I later decided I was going to be a psychologist but soon my accounting brain discovered Plumbing paid me to learn and allowed us to jump into real estate.   

My husband Glen is a retired military member, Plumber Gasfitter and also co-owner of our plumbing service company.   

In late 2006 I used the college money I had saved to buy my first house, and now today just 7 years later at the age of 37 my husband and I are able to successfully live off our real estate cash flow and have our employees work for us, while we relax and enjoy life.    

When we first started investing I stumbled upon a news article written by Ozzie Jurock which spoke of how to retire with $4,000 monthly income and $1,000,000 in cash in 20 years. It was simple:   

“If the goal is to have $1 million in cash in 20 years, here is how you can achieve it:” 

1. Buy five condominiums in growing urban areas, remember urban real estate will always have a use and as such will always have value. 

2. Buy into a good building (research it) and pay no more than $100,000 for each unit. 

3. Get a rental income of about $800 for each condominium. 

4. Finance the purchase 100 per cent (or so) 

5. Own them in 17 to 20 years, clear title. 

6. Even if they never go up in value and the rental income never were to go up - you will get $4,000 per month income forever (and then your kids - forever). An income of $4,000 per month today would pay off a $1 million dollar mortgage. Presto! You are a millionaire!   

This article changed my life, it just made sense, we used the same methods as above, but instead of condominiums we purchased single-family homes and added basement suites. This increased our cash flow protected us against market downturns.  Each property purchase we found undervalued properties, fixed them up, refinanced almost all of our invested funds out (leaving 20 percent in the property) and then used the funds for the next deal   

During the beginning I purchased every real estate book I could find, in particular Don Campbell’s books, I discovered how to get the banks to say yes, it was simple, the ten percent rule, If we bought a property and achieved ten percent in yearly rents of the purchase price, we could get financing, create more cash flow each month to weather market storms. When we ran into roadblocks we researched solutions   

When the real estate market crashed in late 2008, it really didn’t matter to us as our intentions have always been to hold long term, with strong positive cash flow.  In fact we took this opportunity to purchase several more, our theory is the same as Ozzie Jurock’s, even if the properties never go up in value, we’ll still have a fully paid for property by the tenants in 17 years and cash flow for life.    

Some would say we’re risk takers, we disagree, the math of real estate simply worked.  Everything boiled down to the numbers; if the numbers didn’t work we didn’t buy the property. Each property was a business and treated as such, without emotion.   

We decided to manage our properties, purchased in older neighborhoods, the key to our success has been pets, yes at times they have created some headaches, but the financial upside in rents and an almost zero vacancy rate even in down times really paid off, so again the math made sense. By doing this we were able to attract great tenants in older areas they might not normally have looked.   

When Glen and I began we had a five year plan to be able to retire, to date we have surpassed that goal and haven’t stopped. I think the best moment in our real estate career was when Glen’s father approached us to Joint Venture, this was incredibly emotional, for someone so close asking us to partner was the biggest flattery of all time.  During our real estate career we have managed to do it with out partners, but invested a lot of hours, which in the end, in such a short period of time created lasting wealth, and peace of mind for the future.   

When we realized that REIN was a great place to network with other investors we gladly joined and loves it. We highly recommend it to others starting out.    

Well I hope you enjoyed our journey.   


Lisa and Glen Baillargeon