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A complete list of all of REIN’s Real Estate Investment Advisors. These sophisticated real estate investors have aligned themselves with REIN in their many years of successful experience in the industry – align yourself with them.

Cynthia_Aasen.jpg Cynthia Aasen

I’m Cynthia Aasen. I'm a licensed owner/broker for a local real estate brokerage and I’m an active, successful real estate investor. For over 20 years, I’ve used my tried and true approach for my own investing and for my clients. 

head1.jpg Gary Waddleton

Gary started out in Real Estate in 2002, with the purchase of his primary residence. He then relocated from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and used the extra wages to pay off his primary residence’s mortgage within 5 years.

Nick_2.jpg Nick Derksen

Nick Derksen began his real estate investment business in 2010. From the beginning he has always focused on building into himself first, through reading, training, studying and having mentors. He knows that the growth of his portfolio and the clarity of his life goals start from the inside first. In the summer of 2012, Nick stepped into his real estate career full time and has worked hard to accelerate his portfolio in the lower mainland since that time. Nick is a licensed builder, land developer, REALTOR and an astute investor. His knowledge from each of these areas give him a well-rounded approach in putting together deals.

10378909_10152755629363841_2536455682001537088_n.jpg Donald Rosom

Don started his real estate investing business in 2005 in Regina, Saskatchewan with a 4-Plex, which he renovated and sold after three years. Don presently holds two single bungalows in Regina.

Don has been married to his beautiful wife Sophie for 40 years, and they share two daughters, five grandchildren, and a pet dog “Angel”. Don worked with SaskPower for 35 years as Drafting Technician and Drafting Technician Supervisor; retired in March 2005.

Donal_Ward_McCarthy_Right_At_Home_Realty_2.jpeg Donal Ward-McCarthy

Donal Ward-McCarthy grew up in Ireland. From a very young age, Donal’s mother, a special needs teacher, always emphasized the importance of a good education in anything one does. Soon after graduation, Donal’s mother, who had battled terminal illness for many years passed away and Donal was left with a very modest real estate portfolio at the age of 22.

highres_244590777.jpeg Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee is an innovative entrepreneur, investor-focused Realtor, and real estate investment advisor. His mission is to deliver financial literacy, investment education, and concrete analytic tools to arm new and seasoned investors for sustainable success in Toronto’s competitive market.

jose_jafferji.jpg Jose Jafferji

Jose is well known in the real estate industry as being an action taker. Starting out in real estate in his early twenties, he proved that passion and persistence, along with the desire to learn, are instrumental in achieving anything you set your mind to. Within a few short years, he was able to rapidly grow his portfolio with strategies ranging from rent to own, multi-family, renovate to flip, and single family buy and hold.

karen-monterio.jpg Karen Monterio

Karen's interest in helping others and her desire to learn will serve her coaching clients well. If she doesn't have the answer she will go out and find it. Karen is an active Realtor and Mortgage Broker, so she knows how the market works and how to put the financing together for her clients to achieve their goals.

fullsizeoutput_67a.jpeg Rick Harris

Rick is a dynamic entrepreneur and sales management strategist. With over 20 years of experience in his field, Rick has achieved multimillion-dollar sales growth while providing award-winning sales leadership and coaching in highly competitive markets.

IMG_1106.jpg Fadi Habib

Immigrating to Canada some 15 years ago, Fadi completed his Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and started his climb up the corporate ladder.

Then, in 2001 he discovered real estate investing and began educating himself. He joined REIN, and quickly adopted Don R. Campbell's philosophy on real estate investing.

scott-head.png Scott Street

Scott Street started his investment journey from scratch in 2008. Driven by goals for himself and his family, and with no industry knowledge and no close contacts to help, he began buying rental properties, building a respectable rental portfolio, as well as a full time income from real estate.

keith_uthe.jpg Keith Uthe

I, along with my spouse Nancy Curran, began investing in real estate in 2003. I now own eight properties with 18 doors, have five joint venture partnerships and specialize in legal secondary suites. After many years of working at a job that was unsatisfying,

ni.png Niran Kulathungam

Niran is an active REIN member who loves to invest in real estate. He has been able to find solutions to overcome obstacles and adversity in order to successfully invest and forge meaningful relationships. Most of his portfolio has been created by building successful Joint Venture partnerships and helping others succeed.

Denise_MacPherson_ELY_86_headshot.jpg Denise MacPherson

Denise MacPherson is a dynamic entrepreneur, respected teacher, valuable civil servant, and intuitive real estate investor who’s success has been subject to international media exposure.

unnamed.jpg Valeri Khromov

Strong professional background and daiy hard work allowed Valeri to build a very successful career as an IT professional in the Canadian banking industry. He started with a full time job and quickly switched to be a self-employed IT contractor working for major banks.

Brent_Roberts.png Brent Roberts

Brent has been investing in Real Estate for over 35 years, starting with his first house at eighteen years of age and on to his first four-plex by nineteen. Brent bought eighteen properties locally as a part-time investor before deciding to become a REALTOR for his profession.

9kS7vMvU.jpg Shannon Murree

Mother, investor, multi-faceted business woman and valued confidante. Passionate about making a difference whether through business and real estate or notable charity work, activism and philanthropy. An award winning and licensed REALTOR® with RE/MAX Chay Realty Inc. Brokerage in Barrie, Ontario.

Stuart.jpg Stuart MacPherson

Stuart MacPherson is a retired executive of the Government of Canada. He is an accomplished public speaker & trainer, successful entrepreneur, experienced real estate investor, devoted family man and active community leader.

Karen__Eric_comp_1-(1).jpg Eric & Karen Peters

Eric and Karen Peters are here to help you build a real estate portfolio that assists you in achieving your dreams: retirement, travel, philanthropy, giving to loved ones, and anything else you cherish.

headshot_pic_to_email.jpg Gayland Panko

Gayland's business and investing experience is extraordinary and diverse. Starting in 2011, while still full time ranching, he has acquired and divested real estate assets in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil. He has an excellent reputation as someone who has committed his own capital first before risking anyone else's.

Randys_Profile_Photo.jpg Randy Dalton

An active and successful real estate investor in Hamilton, Ontario for over 6 years now, Randy's portfolio consists of 10 properties representing 13 doors. Randy started a Property Management Company in 2008 and now manages over 200 doors in the Hamilton area. He is well versed in the Hamilton areas and knowledgeable in regards to good, bad, and upcoming areas given the economic fundamentals in the area such as: job growth, political changes, and transportation improvements being made.

Erin-Hood-new.jpg Erin Hood

Prior to real estate investing, Erin’s last professional occupation was as a business software consultant. Her education consists of a Bachelor of Commerce degree and certification as a Chartered Accountant.