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Our Member Community

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

There is a special energy generated when like-minded individuals come together and form a community. It is a rare individual who accomplishes great things on their own; the most successful people draw on the support and experience of others.

Having success in the world of real estate investing is no different.

REIN is a community that wants to support your success, where other Members like you, share their successes, and their challenges. A community of others investors who dream similar dreams and hold individual goals. A group of people who relate to each other and inspire each other to keep going... and to keep growing!

Not everyone is inspired to stretch to have financial certainty, or perhaps they don't fully understand how net worth relates to life worth.... And it's never ALL about the money. But because you have the desire and willingness to take responsibility for building your own financial future, the REIN community is your power network, a place to refuel, re-energize and perhaps re-engage.

When you attend REIN's monthly live events or workshops, or participate on the online discussion forum, you leverage the knowledge of others, and you increase your certainty for success....dramatically!

Over more than 21 years, the REIN community has grown, and its leaders and Members are more focused and clearer than ever. Long- term veteran members, who know what it takes to succeed, share their successes and as importantly, their mistakes. Many who have gone before you have cleared the path of financial growth, for you to follow.

Building wealth by investing in real estate is actually pretty simple – but not always easy. Your REIN community is one more way we support you in being certain you're not re-inventing what others have done, so many times before.

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