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About Us



With a simple idea and from humble beginnings, The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) was founded in 1992. Today we are Canada’s most trusted real estate investment education, analysis, research and strategic leadership resource. To date, by leveraging our economic insights and analysis, and using proven strategies taught by REIN, our Members have transacted more than 37,000 properties, representing more than $4.1 billion dollars of real estate. 

From our founding over two decades ago in Vancouver, we expanded our community to include three additional major Canadian cities: Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  Our vision encompasses not only these areas, but with current technology also includes markets across the country, giving our Members access to economic research and analysis in their neighborhood, in their province, and across the nation. 

Core Philosophy

REIN delivers balanced and impartial research and economic insights integrated with relevant and cutting-edge analysis. We lay out the answers to the fundamental questions of what the research means to real estate investors. 

REIN brings the critical information, opinions of industry thought leaders, and proven strategies of success together in a way that investors can use to make the right decisions on where, when, and why to invest in real estate. 

REIN is a powerful community and resource for building the team that investors need to achieve their real estate investing goals. 


REIN’s Members enjoy access to a wide range of information, services, and products.   

Featured among these are our Evening REIN Workshops, where Members: gather to learn proven investment strategies, analysis of current real estate markets, interact with knowledgeable and interesting speakers, and network with other like-minded investors. 

Our community is a dynamic network that includes individual investors, families, corporations, professionals and entrepreneurs of every kind, all sharing a desire to secure their financial futures with positive cash flow real estate. REIN Members learn how to apply proven investment strategies and how to take advantage of economic events that affect real estate markets across this country. 

To feed our Member's needs for knowledge, the REIN Team delivers the essential tools and resources required for success. This includes the Evening Workshops, online Webinars, educational and research materials and major conferences four times per year.

Members also enjoy access to online Forums where nationally recognized real estate thought leaders present exciting new ideas and valuable research. 

Using the leverage of our national Membership, we are able to negotiate competitive pricing and programs that support our Members’ real estate investment needs. For instance, RONA is an industry partner that provides our Members with discounted renovation and repair items. Hub International Inc. and Park Insurance provide specific and competitive insurance for rental properties, including student housing. ICBA provides a medical and dental program for Members. 


As part of our Faculty, REIN employs and partners with individuals and businesses with specific expertise in areas of buying and investing in Canadian real estate or that provide supporting real estate services. 

Our Faculty members include lawyers, accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers and many other real estate-focused professionals. These industry leaders understand, support and share the values of the REIN philosophy and can meet the specialized needs of real estate investors. 

The Future

A key component of real estate investing is growth. At REIN, we envision a growth of opportunities for our Members, including exciting new use of modern technology to communicate with our Members…and to expand the ability for our Members to communicate with each other. 

We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our educational methods and messaging and for new outlets and opportunities for Members to network and grow professionally and personally. 

We seek and share new research materials, studies and reports that will help Members take advantage of the very best options when considering their investment strategies. 

REIN sees a bright future for the Canadian real estate marketplace. We feel our Members share in our optimism. We expect that, armed with the best research, the best strategic guidance and the most comprehensive network of compatible investors, our members will thrive and achieve their personal investment goals.