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Real Estate Buying Opportunities
at your Fingertips?
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Has your Real Estate investing momentum stopped in its tracks? Has finding a property that fits your strategy become frustrating or limiting?

Welcome to the REIN Buyers Group, your REIN solution and the support you need to grow your real estate investment portfolio. REIN Members have access to this group and the many exclusive deals including front of the line buying opportunities that have gone through the first level of screening.

Whatever your investment strategy is, be it buy and hold, renovate and flip, rent to own, or turnkey, finding deals that work with your strategy can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise. The REIN Buyers Group can help find deals for you!
REIN does not buy and resell real estate investing opportunities and we do not bring properties under contract to sell to our members. We believe doing this would damage our unbiased view and opinion on the geographic and economic condition of a region.

The REIN Buyers Group is a new tool built for Members for them to be informed about real estate investment opportunities.

The REIN Buyers Group:
  • Is managed by independent real estate experts.
  • Will allow REIN pre-qualified Member REALTORs to present buying opportunities to The REIN Buyers Group.
  • Will require all properties to go through a first level screening process prior to being presented to the REIN Buyers Group. However, REIN Buyers Group Members are advised to complete their due diligence on any property they are considering buying to determine if the property fits the parameters and guidelines of their investment strategy.
  • Neither approves nor endorses the buying opportunities.
  • Will present exclusive opportunities to the REIN Buyers Group on a first come first serve basis supported by qualifying realtors.
  • Has no additional fees charged to REIN Members for properties presented by the REIN Buyers Group.

Over the past 25 years, REIN has helped thousands of individual investors, like you, build wealth and exceed their financial goals through investing in real estate. We provide REIN Members the knowledge, education and confidence to apply proven real estate investing and buying strategies in Canadian growth markets.

REIN Membership is the key that opens the door to education and a powerful community of other like-minded individuals, resources, support and thought leadership for real estate investors.

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