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Cost Savings

REIN Membership is an investment

A REIN membership is an investment much like real estate itself or any other investment you might make. Thus, what is really important about a REIN membership from a financial point of view is not so much the cost, but the return that it delivers. As our Members will tell you, REIN membership can pay for itself over and over, and delivers a return far in excess of its cost.

In the investment world, one of the terms used most frequently is "Return on Investment", or ROI. It speaks to the capacity of your investment to grow and earn a return greater than the amount originally invested.

The key to maximizing the ROI of your membership is activity. Our active Members (i.e. those who get out there and purchase properties) recoup their membership costs in a variety of ways as they learn, purchase, manage, and sell. On the other hand, inactive investors will soon find that the cost of membership becomes harder and harder to justify. That's because they are not positioning themselves to reap the financial benefits of membership.

What kind of investor are you, or will you be? Active, or inactive? If you decide to be an active investor, then these are the specific ways in which your investment into REIN delivers a spectacular ROI;


Avoid expensive mistakes...

 By learning a proven, safe, and effective purchase strategy, you can avoid these top 5 expensive mistakes;


Buying in the
wrong area


Buying the
wrong property


Not doing your
due diligence


Buying on
emotional impulses


Backed by
wrong/no team 

We'll teach you
where to invest

We'll teach you how to
identify a good purchase

We'll give you
a checklist

We'll teach you how to
invest by the numbers 

We'll help you
build a real team 

If you think the cost of education is expensive, try ignorance

REIN Finance Centre
The REIN Finance Centre Powered by Mortgage Alliance and VINE Group provides REIN Members the exclusive benefits of a national network of mortgage finance professionals and an investor-focused team.

The REIN Finance Centre is the source for our Member results, supporting their financial future by providing clear goals and a path to get there.

In addition, VINE Group and the Peter Kinch (PK) Team will combine their experience in mortgage lending with Peter's financial advisory expertise to provide a hybrid-holistic approach to all REIN Members' financial needs and plans.

VINE Group and the PK Team have extensive experience in both residential and commercial financing and will provide REIN Members the horsepower and bandwidth for the REIN Finance Centre. With a direct line and e-mail, REIN Members (only) can count on professional advice in regards to mortgages, as well as portfolio management and private equity. Call 1-844-411-8463 or e-mail

Peter Kinch brings 20+ years of award-winning experience in the mortgage industry and well over $1 billion in funded mortgages. Peter is also a best-selling author, public speaker, teacher and real estate analyst for CTV and BNN.

VINE Group was founded by David Goncalves – an individual with 15+ years of experience and well over $1.4 billion in funded mortgages. Today, VINE Group prides itself on being a boutique mortgage solutions provider made up of a team of highly experienced and professional mortgage agents.

The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada uses forefront technology, a skilled back office team and national access to lenders which provide VINE Group the platform needed to support our REIN Member financing needs.
One of the basic tenets of REIN is our encouragement of dialogue, not monologue. We always want to talk with you, not to you or at you. Members enjoy access to our discussion forums, with the following sections of interest:
  • Announcements keep you current on all REIN meetings and activity.
  • The Member's Only Forum is the quiet place for Members to exchange ideas and foster discussions on relevant and important topics.
  • Public Forums are where we invite non-Members to open dialogue from an often-fresh perspective.
  • Classifieds are for Members looking to buy or sell a property, (browse REIN Members' listings) or for Members with money to invest, or who are looking for investors.
  • The Downloads forum gives you easy access to REIN research and educational resources.
Park Insurance
Park Insurance is a full-service, independent insurance broker that has looked after the peace of mind of families and businesses all across British Columbia since 1950. Over the years, they have provided every type of insurance, regardless of how specialized or large the asset to be protected; from personal insurance, small business, corporate, liability, and much more. Drawing on this depth of experience, along with their licensed and highly knowledgeable insurance agents, Park Insurance is uniquely positioned to provide all of your insurance needs.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Insurance coverage specifically tailored for investment properties. "Designed by REIN Members for REIN Members"
  • Multi-property discounts for insuring three or more properties with us
  • Enhanced coverage not available from other insurers such as flood insurance, extended period for loss of rental income (24 months for us, 12 months for most other insurance companies)
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost on the rental home
BDO is a REIN Member’s one-stop shop for all things accounting and bookkeeping. Get real advice from other real estate investors who understand your business. The BDO Real Estate Investor blog is for the small to medium-size real estate investor. George Dube and Peter Cuttini are real estate investors and accountants who want to share their knowledge to help other investors improve their businesses. BDO also works with real estate businesses focusing on:
  • Commercial and industrial real estate
  • Construction
  • Land development and home building
  • REITs
  • Public/Private Partnerships
Being a REIN Member gets you premium access to all of BDO’s services.
Honest Renter
Honest Renter offers a tool for tenant screening. It is a personality test delivered as an online survey that you give to your applicants. The test measures traits that affect tenancy, such as proclivity to pay on time, cleanliness, partying, and temper. Find out who will pay rent on time, follow rules, and treat your property with respect.

Benefits for REIN Membersinclude:
  • Free trial and access to multiple packages
  • 20% discount when you mention you are a REIN Member
HUB international was formed with the merger of 11 privately held Canadian insurance brokerages in 1998. Today, they are ranked among the largest insurance brokers worldwide. The entrepreneurial spirit that formed HUB is evident today in the way they do business. The company is organized around large regional “hubs” with over 250 satellite offices. This structure enables them to be proactive in addressing local market needs while centrally managing the growth of their business with consistent standards. While global, their strength lies in their commitment to the communities they live and do business in. They are here help you evaluate your risks and develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.
RONA Inc. is a major Canadian retailer and distributor of hardware, building materials and home renovation products. The Corporation operates a network of corporate, franchise and affiliate stores under several different banners and in a number of complementary formats. The key focus for RONA is the customer experience, in its retail store and its distribution network. RONA has four different types of stores all across Canada and a highly efficient distribution network. This puts it head and shoulders above the competition and allows it to serve novice and experienced do-it-yourself-ers, as well as building contractors.

Being a REIN Member gets you 10% off building supplies.
Advance Group Tickets
Advance Group Tickets offers tickets and hotel accommodations for the hottest sporting and concert events globally. They offer REIN VIP Concierge Services, your special access to the world of entertainment.

This includes:
  • Meet and greet with artists, celebrities and sports heroes.
  • Access to official tour operators.
  • Official alliances, artists and promoters globally.
  • Sports, concerts, theatre.

Access 24 Hours, 365 Days a year.
Whether you’re searching for an individual car lease, commercial or fleet, let PFAFF’s professional and courteous Leasing Representatives help you find the best vehicle option. They offer a unique approach to automotive leasing: competitive rates, tailored leases and an array of financing services to fit your requirements. All makes and models of new and pre-owned automobiles, executive class vehicles, trucks and cargo vans – they have you covered.

PFAFF offers special deals for REIN Members.



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