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About REIN

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) was founded in 1992 and is Canada's longest standing community of real estate investors.

For over 25 years, the Real Estate Investment Network has been supporting its Members in creating sustainable wealth and freedom through the vehicle of real estate.

Today we are Canada's most trusted real estate investment education, analysis, research and strategic leadership resource. By leveraging our economic insights and analysis, and using proven strategies taught by REIN, to date our Members have transacted more than 37,000 properties, representing more than $4.1 billion dollars of real estate.

REIN creates the opportunity for financial certainty for its Members as it fosters a community of likeminded investors and gives them exclusive access to critical systems and documents, online tools and learning programs, research and economic updates, audio, REIN Member meetings and events.

REIN provides its Members, its corporate and media clients, and the public with unbiased research and education on investing in real estate markets across Canada.

REIN creates real estate research using the analysis tools, formulas and economic fundamentals described in Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System 2.0, the best-selling book on Canadian real estate.

REIN provides proven analysis based on economic fundamentals and current market trends so homeowners and real estate investors can make decisions based on future reality, not emotion.

Yes, we encourage guests to attend a Meeting to do their due diligence on REIN. Member Meetings are open to guests for a fee of $199, plus tax. Please note, we have a one-time guest attendance policy as these Meetings are exclusive to our REIN Members. Check out our events calendar and register for an upcoming REIN Member Meeting today!

Yes, ACRE is open to the public. Please see our events calendar for ACRE dates, times, locations and pricing.

We host regular REIN Member Meetings in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and quarterly in Ottawa. Please see our events calendar for details.

We hold our REIN Member meetings on a regular basis throughout the year. Check out our events calendar to see all of our scheduled meetings.

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring a guest with you to ACRE! Anyone who pays the full public price may bring a guest for a reduced rate. Check out our events calendar to find the next ACRE Live Event and register them online anytime before the event.

Our W.I.N. with Real Estate event is a free public event that we host for people just starting out in real estate investing. Our network is all about sharing knowledge, and the W.I.N. events are designed so you can decide if real estate investing is right for you, no strings attached.

Our REIN Member Meetings are exclusive for REIN Members. They focus on real estate investing content and industry updates presented by expert speakers. The W.I.N. with Real Estate events are for those just starting out, or looking to decide if real estate investing is right for them and want to get their questions answered. As a guest, you may pay to attend a REIN Member meeting but for your first experience with REIN, we recommend attending a free W.I.N. event to start.

Business cards, calculator and your note-taking device of choice: e.g. pen/paper, tablet, laptop (fully charged is best as there are limited resources to plug in). We also suggest bringing a sweater or jacket as the room temperature varies and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Please click here to view our REIN Coaching page for more information on our program and our coaches

No, but REIN Members get exclusive pricing for the REIN coaching program. Please email Dominique if you have any questions,

REIA stands for: Real Estate Investment Advisor. The REIA institute is comprised of industry leaders who offer their insights, experience and knowledge to create intuitive, forward thinking and precise curricula for the certification of Real Estate Investment Advisors. Governed by the Real Estate Investment Council of Canada (REIACC), the REIA is held to a standard of ongoing excellence and continued education to provide their clients with the absolute best service and results. 

Please visit information on how to become an REIA.


We do not sell any of Don's books in our online store, they have to be purchased from Amazon. You can find more information about each book here and find a link to buy them.

We have books, e-programs, homestudies and our magazine. Check out the REIN store here.


You can subscribe to REIN Life Magazine online here

Yes, it's called the Real Estate Insider Blog.

Yes, our free research reports can be found here.

Yes, we have sponsors at our regular REIN Member meetings and events. Click here for more information. If you have any questions about sponsorship, please email or call 780-461-2255

No, REIN and ACRE is for anyone investing or looking to invest in Canadian real estate. Many of our Members are real estate professionals, such as real estate agents, but you do not have to be to join REIN or attend ACRE.

You can register your book to receive your free bonuses here.

myREINspace is our online forum site. You can register (at no charge) as a Forum Member on With more than 30,000 contributors, this is the leading real estate investing discussion website in Canada, and contains a tremendous wealth of real estate questions and answers. If you take the next step and become a REIN Member, you will receive access to the Members-Only section and to 24/7 real estate discussions.

Please call us at 1-888-824-7346 or email and we will assist you in logging in.

Yes, our CEO Patrick Francey hosts a podcast called The Everyday Millionaire. You can subscribe to it here. You can also find REIN's Real Estate Insider podcast here.