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Canada's most trusted & successful
Real Estate investing system since 1992

Are You Ready to Change
Your Financial Future?

REIN’s Renowned ACRE Program Reveals the Exact Secrets
Thousands of Canadians Have Learned to Take Hold of Their Dreams
Even Through Global Economic Uncertainty

Dear Real Estate Investor,

If you’re like most Canadians, you’re fed up with the economic and emotional roller coaster of the last five years.

Since the world economy collapsed in early 2008, it’s been an endless cycle of ups and downs — and not even most so-called “experts” know when it will end.

At the same time, the economic situation doesn’t change your or your family’s financial needs. You still have kids to put through university…retirement to prepare for…debt to get out from under…not to mention all your lifestyle goals and dreams: that new house, new car, or the chance to make a huge impact on a charity or cause you believe in.

But did you know there is one small group of Canadian real estate investors who have taken complete control of their “personal economies,” despite the uncertainty?

These are people who have been quietly amassing wealth and prosperity while folks around them have suffered record losses. No, it’s not because they’re smarter than everyone else. It’s simply because they’ve learned how to read “behind the headlines” and discover untapped opportunities that others miss.

This is an invitation for you to do the same.

You can expect more turmoil and mixed messages in 2015 than ever before, but once you know how to read the signs, you’ll find yourself smack-dab in the middle of a perfect environment for the smart, strategic investor…

Get off the Roller Coaster Once and for All

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Here's the simple truth: when it comes to making money in times of economic turmoil, knowledge is power.

Here at REIN, we've proven that. For over 23+ years, we've been providing Canadians knowledge, insights, and risk-reduction strategies in all kinds of economic conditions.

The result is that the roller coaster ride of speculation and hype perpetuated by the media and other sensationalist sources is replaced by a stable, steady flow of information that cuts through the hysteria and gives you the REAL FACTS.

Up markets, down markets, stagnant markets — doesn't matter. Over the past 23+ years, we have shown that there are ways to profit handsomely from uncertainty...thanks to effective real estate investing strategies that are proven to work in turbulent economic times.

There are 4 Types of Knowledge You Need
to Seize Control of Your Financial Future



And that’s precisely what you’ll get in REIN’s 

Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) Program

No more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you’re missing out (or making a mistake) and — most importantly — NO MORE FEAR!


We’ve boiled it down to the bare-bones basics of successful, long-term, sustainable wealth creation. No fluff, no filler, no sales pitches.

Sure, we’ve all heard the hyped-up promises of some courses, seminars, and speakers — where they leave you with some good ideas but no CLEAR STEP-BY-STEP game plan or any HANDS-ON TRAINING.

Or what about the question, “Does this work in my province?” Because the frustrating truth is that a lot of these so-called experts come from south of the border — they have NO IDEA about our laws and Canadian-specific strategies. As a result, we’ve discovered that as many as 91% of graduates from those ‘other’ programs will never take another step – except, perhaps, to buy the next level of training or DVD programs!

That’s simply not the case with our grads.

ACRE Program Graduates Are Action Takers – Not Dreamers!
Previous ACRE Graduates have been so empowered by their ACRE experience,
they have purchased over $4.5 Billion of quality investment real estate.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started in the Canadian real estate game, the ACRE Program will help make your dream a reality.

Real-Life Participants, Real-Life Results

The ACRE Program is your quick-start guide to investing in income-producing real estate.

It has been 23 years in the making - honed, perfected and crystallized over time — so that you can be certain to create maximum wealth in minimum time…while minimizing the risks in all market conditions.

But can everyday Canadians really expect to achieve the same results?

Absolutely!  Here are just a few of the comments we've received after the ACRE event.

"My second ACRE was a fantastic weekend and I learned great tricks to help me grow my real estate business and to also help me avoid some costly mistakes."           Isabelle Settle

"Full of amazing, real, relevant and powerful information and energy, all of which will and has made me more fulfilled in my life"              Brad Wotherspoon

"Awesome!  Learned so much, enjoyed it very much.  Ready to move ahead with my business.  Realizing my goals and including my family in the journey.  Thanks for putting the “REAL” into Real Estate"               Brad Field

For even more comments and success stories, visit our Testimonial page.


Here's a Sneak Preview of What You Can Expect
During this Life-Changing Weekend

Proven, Long-Term Investment Strategies for Canadian Real Estate
When it comes to finding a favourable market for their dollars, investors all over the world are parking their money in Canada. When it comes to high-yield, low-risk investment opportunities in Canada, nothing beats real estate. And when it comes to teaching proven, hype-free, integrity-laced strategies for real estate investing in Canada, no program even comes close to the step-by-step, actionable instruction offered by ACRE.

When & How To Buy For Maximum Profits
Sure, location is important, but TIMING the economic development of an area is critical. Successful real estate investors know exactly when in the cycle to buy and when to sell. We’ll teach you how to spot hidden trends that others miss…and provide you insider information on what’s going on around the country with our Canada-specific market research.

The 9 Analysis Questions You MUST ask Before Buying Any Property
What good are all the answers in the world if you’ve asked the wrong questions? 23+ years of experience go into this presentation that will teach you the information you really need to know… and what’s just filler fluff. Keep this resource at your side and you’ll have the edge in any real estate market!

The Positive Cash Flow Property Ladder
Sophisticated investors have been quietly using this proven system to reduce their risk, increase their positive cash flow, and find properties in both hot and cold markets. An exclusive system usually reserved for REIN members only, you’ll get the “inside scoop.”

Advanced Due Diligence
Get our complete Advanced Due Diligence system that will fast become your favorite reference every time you’re considering a deal! You’ll discover “hidden gems” listed in public records that average investors ignore. There are 11 Due Diligence Questions that you MUST ask before buying any property — this presentation will teach you all of them.

How to Be a Sophisticated Investor (whether you’re a rookie or veteran investor)
This strategy will allow you to be perceived by everyone (bankers, joint venture partners, vendors, realtors, event family!) as a sophisticated investor…whether you’re buying your first property or your 100th! The results you’ll see from this will knock you off your feet – and put cash directly into your bank account!

Your Action Plan
Here’s one of the most important benefits you’ll receive from your weekend with us. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a personalized action plan, complete with the exact steps YOU need to take to put your new found knowledge into work! It’s like having a road map to success. And that’s why we can give such a strong 100% guarantee to our grads!

Are You Ready to Change
Your Financial Future Today?

There’s no doubt you’re probably wondering how much all this information will cost.

It’s a valid question. After all, you’re receiving all the tools and information you need to create generational wealth. What kind of monetary value would you place on that?

Would it be worth $20,000? $30,000? $50,000?

For an action taker, it would be — and then some! — just in savings you create on your property purchases.

Other programs charge upwards of $5,000-$10,000 for only a small portion of specific, hands-on information you’ll receive at ACRE.

But you and I both know it is better to have that money as part of your investment down payment… not in the hands of a promoter. That’s why 23 years ago we vowed to keep tuition low — and we’ve kept that promise since.

A Modest Investment of Just $587 
Gets you Complete Access to
Canada’s Most Comprehensive Real Estate Training Program

Just $587 gets you full, unfettered access to all the wealth-building information, tools, and systems we’ve been talking about — everything you need to reduce risk and maximize returns in your real estate investment portfolio. Taught by the Real Estate Investment Network’s team of expert presenters: best-selling real estate author Don R Campbell, raising capital specialist Russell Westcott, REIN's Director of Research Melanie Reuter, and REIN’s resident expert on performance, results and entrepreneurship Richard Dolan, and other guest speakers.

And if you have a spouse, a friend, or a business associate that you want to share the experience with, bring them along for only an additional $287.


Make As Much Money as You Want

for The Rest of Your Life…

NO MATTER WHAT the Economy Is Doing!

Beginning right now, you have three choices:

OPTION ONE:  Do Nothing
It’s the path of least resistance, and frankly, what most people do. Of course, most people are passive when it comes to achieving their dreams and go deeper in debt each year, living as they always have, wishing things would “magically” change. You deserve more than that. And if you’ve read this far, it’s because you think so too.

OPTION TWO: Try real estate investing on your own.
Why do you need ACRE, right? Why not go out there and do it on your own? Remember: this is real estate investing we’re talking about. While it’s one of the safest, fastest, and best ways to grow long-term, sustainable, personal wealth, just one mistake will cost you many times the outrageously low tuition for this event. As one of my early real estate mentors said, “The school of hard knocks carries the highest tuition you can possible pay.” So why don’t you avoid all that? Take advantage of the proven ACRE Program and enjoy the gain without the pain.

OPTION THREE: Do it right and surround yourself with like-minded, successful real estate investors.
The third choice is the obvious one. If you’re tired of the confusion, losses, and frustration in the marketplace, then make this weekend a turning point in your life. Just imagine – if you TAKE ACTION on our proven strategies, in just a few short weeks not only will you cover the entire cost…but you can get a huge payback, too!

Leave the “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” to others. Take action now and discover how to start living your dreams today.

There is NOTHING in the Canadian real estate investing information marketplace that can even remotely compare to the power and profits this program holds for you.

So don’t miss out! Register now. This could be the life-changer you’ve been looking for.


Patrick Francey, CEO, The Real Estate Investment Network Ltd.

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 Ready to Change Your Future?
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I’ve taken a lot of Real Estate courses, and in my opinion ACRE is the one-stop course I have seen packs so much practical content for such an affordable price.

Andrew Wong, Vancouver, BC


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