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Sarah Aradi

Digital Media and Marketing Team Leader

rdol2.jpg Sarah Aradi is a real estate investor and the Digital Media and Marketing Team Lead at the Real Estate Investment Network. Sarah first started investing when she was 24 and now owns four doors in the Fraser Valley.

Sarah has worked at REIN for the last ten years. She currently supports the REIN team through her skills in digital marketing and her creative planning prowess. A typical day for Sarah includes interacting with Members on social media, creative brainstorms and marketing projects. Sarah’s desire to continually research, explore and learn more keeps her excited about what she does.

Sarah’s real estate investment goals include purchasing 10 properties, 1 of which being her dream property, the family farm. Sarah hopes to retire by the time she is 45 so she no longer NEEDS to work, rather can work for fun. She fills her free time with anything to do with agriculture and being very active in the 4-H community.