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REIN Staff

rich.png Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is the President of the Real Estate Investment Network and CEO of MENTIS Academy, an adult learning institute registered with the Government of Canada. In addition to his real estate portfolio, largely in the U.S. and Caribbean, he is an author and speaker on investing in US real estate, wealth, and performance.  He is also a Performance Advisor to professional athletes, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence. 

pat.png Patrick Francey
CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network, Canadian-based Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Educator, and Coach

Patrick Francey is the CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network, Canada’s leading Real Estate thought and education leader and is a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator and business owner. Patrick plays a key role contributing to the vision, development and growth of REIN. He is a driving force behind the business and program development that supports the REIN Team’s foundational belief that every Canadian deserves financial freedom by design and can achieve it through investing in real estate.

donr.png Don R. Campbell
Senior Real Estate Analyst, Investor, Philanthropist, Farm-owner & Best-Selling Author

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, the best-selling Canadian real estate author in history, author of 8 best sellers and a real estate investment educator. He is the Senior Analyst with the Real Estate Investment Network which has entered its 25th year of providing unbiased research and analysis on Canadian real estate markets. As a devoted philanthropist, Don donates 100% of his author royalties for all of his books directly to Habitat for Humanity and, together with REIN Members, has raised $1.2 million for the charity. He and his experienced team are leaders in providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials.

JENNIFER HUNT-0530-WEB.jpg Jennifer Hunt
Vice President

Jennifer Hunt is the Vice President of the Real Estate Investment Network and she began investing in real estate in 2009. Her real estate investing experience ranges from investing in syndicated mortgages, MICs and REITs with LIRAs, RRSPs and TFSAs. She has a real estate portfolio including vacation rentals, residential and multi-family properties (in Canada and the US). She has led and completed significant industrial real estate development projects in the US and closed commercial leases of over $5 million - some of which were high-profile, unique deals for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

DOMINIQUE HENDRIKS-9937-WEB.jpg Dominique Hendriks
Sales and Customer Support Team Leader

Dominique Hendriks has been a part of the Real Estate Investment Network team for over five years. She has a passion for real estate and has been working in the industry for more than twelve years. Dominique is the Sales and Customer Support Team Lead at REIN. She supports Members across Canada and takes pride in helping others achieve their financial goals.

SARAH ARADI-0708-WEB.jpg Sarah Aradi
Digital Media and Marketing Team Leader

Sarah Aradi is a real estate investor and the Digital Media and Marketing Team Lead at the Real Estate Investment Network. Sarah first started investing when she was 24 and now owns four doors in the Fraser Valley. Sarah has worked at REIN for the last ten years. She currently supports the REIN team through her skills in digital marketing and her creative planning prowess. A typical day for Sarah includes interacting with Members on social media, creative brainstorms and marketing projects.

TINA.png Tina Myrvang
Client Care Team

Tina Myrvang is a Client Care Specialist at the Real Estate Investment Network and has been investing in real estate since 1990, including private lending in the 2000’s. Tina first joined the REIN team in 2010 and started with the Accounting team. Since then she has contributed to REIN’s meetings and ACRE events in various roles and in 2014 she was promoted to the Client Care team.

sash.png Sasha Zingle
Event Coordinator

Sasha Zingle is the Events Coordinator at the Real Estate Investment Network and purchased her first home in Chilliwack in 2014. A born and raised Edmontonian, she moved to Chilliwack in 2013 to try out the BC life and to escape the prairie winters. Through the guidance and support of REIN and the real estate investors experts she’s come to know she is currently in the process of purchasing her first investment property in Edmonton.