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Keith Uthe

  • Portfolio Worth:$3M
  • Properties in Portfolio:8
  • Date Joined REIN: 05/03/2011
  • # of years investing: 13

Areas of Expertise:

  • Renovations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Raising Capital
  • Property Management
  • Leasing, Real Estate Agent
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Acquisitions
  • Private Lender
  • Single Family
  • Duplex -4-plex

Investing In:

  • Alberta, Saskatchewan


I, along with my spouse Nancy Curran, began investing in real estate in 2003. I now own eight properties with 18 doors, have five joint venture partnerships and specialize in legal secondary suites. After many years of working at a job that was unsatisfying, I took a leap of faith and became a junior underwriter with a private lender. Following a change in direction by the company, I then completed my training as a Mortgage Associate and now work with Mortgage Alliance - Enrich Mortgage Group in Calgary. I have completed Barry McGuire’s Focus Series on Agreement for Sales, am the current Innovative Investor of the Year, Southern Alberta for 2015 and the winner of the Dragon’s Den Business Plan Scholarship sponsored by the London Academy of Entrepreneurship. I have presented live to the Calgary REIN community twice and have had several featured articles in the REIN Life magazine. Nancy and I are the owners and Directors of Prairie Mountain Properties Ltd. My vision is for you to live a fulfilling and financially successful life.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

I have a lot of experience working with flip property and real estate buy and hold investors. I will provide you with a complete circle of support with wealth planning and mentoring for investors as a certified REIA, financing knowledge as a licensed Mortgage Associate, and purchase, sales and negotiating experience as a licensed Realtor. Whether you need to purchase your first property, clean up your current operations or work towards your tenth property, I will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.


Began Investing in 2003

2015 Innovative Investor of the Year, Southern Alberta

2015 Dragons Den Business Plan Scholarship Winner

5 Joint Venture Partnerships

Experience Self-Managing Properties