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Sean Hayes

  • Date Joined REIN: 21/01/2012
  •  # of years investing: 5
  • Properties in Portfolio: 9 (16 Doors)
  • Portfolio Worth: $3,600,000

Areas of Expertise:

  • Renovations
  • Accounting (tax)
  • Acquisition
  • Single Family
  • Corporate Structure

Investing In:

  • Alberta


Sean is a passionate real estate investor who got started investing after realizing a high income does not equal a high net worth. Sean started investing in student rentals in London, Ontario while working on drilling rigs in Alberta. While his peers were buying big trucks Sean was putting his money to work buying investment properties. After joining REIN in 2012 Sean and his wife, Dani, took their investing to the next level. Selling off the portfolio in Ontario, Sean and Dani started buying single family homes in Calgary and completing renovations to legalize basement suites.  Sean has gained experience in joint ventures and raising capital after finding more deals than he could handle with his own capital. Sean specializes in renovations and legalizing secondary suites in Calgary. He has a keen interest in corporate structures and enjoys increasing his knowledge on tax and accounting processes.


Sean believes everyone has more potential than they think. He is motivated to help you produce results and achieve your goals. Sean expects his clients to set clear goals and holds them accountable to achieving them. He has a proven track record of producing results as a fitness coach when he operated a successful CrossFit gym with his wife. Sean also has experience training and mentoring soldiers while instructing leadership and basic training courses in the military. He understands how to motivate and inspire individuals to produce results. Sean has a deep understanding of stress and hardships after his deployment to Afghanistan in 2006. He uses this experience to help others harness adversity in their life and express more gratitude. Sean believes that if individuals can overcome adversity and be grateful then they are more likely to achieve their goals.


-REIN Bronze and Silver awards

-A REIN Top Player of the Year, 2013 

-REIN Renovator of the Year, 2014

-Overcoming Adversity, Peak Learning, 2013

-Calgary Residential Rental association member, 2012 – Present 

-Real Estate Investment Advisor – Level 1, DDBS, 2014