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Renée Huse

  • Properties in Portfolio:16 Properties (26 Doors)
  • Portfolio Worth: 7.3 Million
  • Date Joined REIN: 01/08/2014
  • # of years investing: 2

Areas of Expertise:

  • Property Management
  • Leasing
  • Single Family
  • Other Suited Properties
  • Creative Financial Structures
  • New Builds
  • Builder Relationships

Investing In:

  • Alberta


Renee’s first real job started like this:

They gave her a desk. They gave her a computer. They gave her a line of credit. They told her to make money or she was fired.

She didn’t get fired.

For 9 years Renée worked (like a dog), with one of the most creative, dedicated and hard working groups of people she’d ever met. She purchased, sold and managed assets, planned customized hedging strategies for her clients and grew a small trading book into a multi-million dollar trading business. She worried that if she ever left the oil and gas industry she may never find a market that offered the same opportunities.

Then she met real estate.

It started with one small house in SE Calgary. She bought it, found an amazing tenant and watched her bank account start to grow. Her experience purchasing and optimizing assets in the commodity world has directly translated to the ability to find low risk, high cash flow real estate deals. Now her real estate business consists of a portfolio of single family homes in SE Calgary and a portfolio of suited properties in Edmonton.

She’s an avid skier, happier biking than walking, a bookworm, an international travel junkie, a landlord to 26 dynamic families, the wife of the most amazing man she knows and supermom to three fantastic kids. Renée cares about good sleep, good food, good education and having a damn good time.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

Renée’s real estate portfolio funds her life. To Renée, financial freedom means CHOICE. She wants to choose where to live, what she does, what she eats, what she learns and WHO SHE IS. Renée is passionate about helping others manage their financial futures and achieve the same ability to CHOOSE.

As a coach, Renée commits to asking you the hard questions, holding you accountable and helping you show up, be brave and quit playing small. She will also be the first person to dance in the street, celebrating your wins!

Inspired by the many coaches that she's worked with over the last two years, Renée will work with you to discover your "why," set firm intentions and fan your fire to get out there and succeed!


Through hard work, extreme dedication and building authentic relationships with investors, Renée grew her real estate portfolio to 26 doors, valued at 7.3M, in 18 months. She's been a REIN Top Player in both 2014 and 2015 and was REIN’s Southern Alberta Rookie of the Year in 2015.