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Geoff Pratt

  • Portfolio Worth: $3,500,000
  • Date Joined REIN:01/02/2008
  • Properties in Portfolio: 10
  • # of years investing: 6

Areas of Expertise:

  • Single Family
  • Student housing

Investing In:

Alberta and Ontario


Dr. Geoff Pratt has been a REIN member since 2008. He began his real estate investing in student residences in Waterloo, and London Ontario, then moved later to single-family homes in Alberta. Over that time he was able to grow a portfolio to 11 doors. His goal: to create a long term family legacy with real estate.

He earned degrees in both Education (P.E.) and Dentistry from McGill University. Presently Geoff is a Certified Dream Builder Coach, a Life Mastery Consultant, and a certified Real Estate Investment Advisor. His main goal is to assist motivated clients envision a life they'd love to live, and bridge the gap from where they are now, to where they'd love to be. Then he helps them cross that bridge by setting goals, taking action steps, and being accountable for results.

Geoff and his wife of 42 years, Janey, live in Victoria, British Columbia. They are proud parents of daughter Jocelyn, and son Warren, and two lovely grandchildren.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

In his youth Geoff played, and loved, many sports. He loved football, hockey track, tennis, skiing and golf. Later in life he coached basketball, was a ski instructor for 10 years, and avidly played and coaching baseball (always his first love). Along with coaching baseball for more than 40 years, he has sat a term on the Board of Baseball B.C., and has conducted many clinics for young baseball coaches.

With this unique combination of education, a background with investment experience and long history of successful coaching, he is well suited to help you build a life you'll love.