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Gary Waddleton

  • Date Joined REIN: 31/03/2009
  •  Properties in Portfolio: 7
  • # of years investing: 5
  • Portfolio Worth:$2,700,000.00

Areas of Expertise:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Property Management
  • Rent to Own
  • Single Family
  • Duplex-4-plex

Investing In:

  • Alberta, Newfoundland


Gary started out in Real Estate in 2002, with the purchase of his primary residence. He then relocated from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and used the extra wages to pay off his primary residence’s mortgage within 5 years. In 2009 the real estate market became soft and he jumped in, joined REIN, and started buying in Fort McMurray where he still invests.

Since 2009, Gary has accumulated a total of 7 doors in Fort McMurray, and turned his old Edmonton residence into a rental, bringing his total portfolio to 8 doors, worth over $2.7 Million dollars. 

Gary prefers to hold property for the long term, but has also dealt in Rent to Own deals. He also founded his own lending business and has a new passion for the exciting world of negotiating. 

Gary originally moved to Alberta in 1994 and transferred along his career in the electrical business. By 2001 he attained a Masters Electrician Certificate and, soon after, a “Professional Electrical Contractor” status through the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta. He now has a total of 18 years in the electrical construction trade.

Gary loves to play ice hockey and tennis, and enjoys ATVing in the back country! His wife and daughter are both originally from Thailand and he has loved learning their way of life and the teachings from their Buddhist upbringing.


After joining REIN, Gary attained a coach of his own. Within an intense 1 year personal coaching program, he quickly accelerated his education in managing his investments and was guided toward removing the common fears he shared along with so many other investors.

In saying that, he has had to deal with a lot of self-limiting beliefs that have held him back for years, beliefs based on negative information that he took in and accepted as truth. Have you ever really looked into yourself and found these traits? Well, he believes most of us have them and until we focus and resolve to overcome them, we may still find a way to succeed, but it will for sure be a harder road and take a longer period of time. 

Fear, he believes, is our biggest enemy, but with his system, fears will be mitigated through the due diligence techniques he has developed from his own experience. His promise is to walk you through, step by step, your very own deals, and together you will brainstorm solutions to problems that will tear down the psychological walls you have built, and then you will see the deal for what it really is, from start to finish.


* Awarded the certificate of a "Transaction Engineer" by Ron LeGrand’s Creative Real Estate Education.

* Retains a Real Estate Investment Advisor certificate from the DDBS  based out of Toronto.

* Successfully completed an intensive 1 year coaching program from "The Wolff's - What to do, What to say System.

* Acquired the largest deal using an Option Contract through Barry McGuire's "Deal Ready Documents" course.