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Fadi Habib

  • Portfolio Worth: $3M
  • Date Joined REIN: 11/04/2008
  • # of years investing: 14

Areas of Expertise:

  • Single Family
  • Multi-Family
  • High Value Properties
  • Property Management
  • Joint Ventures

Investing In:

  • Ontario


Immigrating to Canada some 16 years ago, Fadi completed his Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and started his climb up the corporate ladder.

Then, in 2001 he discovered real estate investing and began educating himself. He joined REIN, and quickly adopted Don R. Campbell's philosophy on real estate investing.

Fadi has acquired 46 doors throughout his investment career and built his expertise through the experience of completing many transactions, from residential, single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes & fourplexes, and even progressing into commercial holdings. Fadi has acquired these properties through a combination of his own funds and joint venture partners.

Over the years, he has profited in real estate by embracing his greatest strength: numbers. By proper and careful analysis of deals, project management and being fiscally responsible, he is able to run his real estate portfolio to yield consistent profits and returns on his investments (ROI).

Fadi has coached and mentored many Real Estate investors, improving their net worths and financial educations.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

Fadi’s passion is to help people realize their dreams through Real Estate investing. He believes that investing is a skill that can be learnt, and that any investor deserves to get a competent coach to support him/her in the journey. Through coaching & training any willing person can achieve what he or she has set their mind to do. 

Coaching occurs for many people in different ways. First you will need to clarify and define a certain point, or goal you wish to work on, discover what the next steps are, and then declare a clear time limit as to when you will accomplish them by. He will assist you toward becoming “unstuck” from where you are, and will help you progress through “analysis paralysis” and get you taking action. He looks forward to sharing meaningful conversations regarding your life worth & to holding you accountable to your promised actions

Authenticity & Integrity are the building blocks in coaching. These are the starting points for any real breakthrough in performance. Fadi has a talent in navigating you through your foggy situations, and uncovering your unclear path to success, in turn transforming ones present life experience to one of greater success & real accomplishment


Running a $3M portfolio with solid profits

Fadi has been a REIN Ambassador since 2013.

In 2013 Fadi was honored to have his profile published in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine's April issue. His article was titled: "Engineering a successful Portfolio: Fadi Habib's climb to the top."

Over the years Fadi has completed and attended many real estate specific courses and events including: Ron LeGrand's Quick Turn Investing, 7 REIN ACRE Live events, Creative Real Estate investing, Wholesaling & Foreclosures, Multi-Family Investing, Rent to Own investing, Raising Capital & Joint Ventures.

Fadi's corporate career added depth to his investing experience, with over 20 years in Business & Process Improvement, Project Management, Industrial Engineering and Quality & Product Management. He worked in Manufacturing, Oilfield Service Industry & Electronics Manufacturing.

Within his Profession he was proud to be hand-picked for the Employee Award of Excellence (Top 2% of all Performers). He was also Awarded 2 Merit Awards and the Six Sigma Regional Bronze Award.

He is designated as a Professional Engineer (PEng) and a Project Management Professional (PMP)