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Eric & Karen Peters

  • Portfolio Worth: $2,400,000 - doubling in next few months
  • Date Joined REIN: 04/09/2000
  • Properties in Portfolio: 1
  • # of years investing: 15

Areas of Expertise:

  • Multi-Family
  • Joint Ventures
  • Property Management
  • Raising Capital
  • Renovations

Investing In:

  • Alberta


Eric and Karen Peters are here to help you build a real estate portfolio that assists you in achieving your dreams: retirement, travel, philanthropy, giving to loved ones, and anything else you cherish.

Together, this husband and wife duo has been investing in real estate for over 15 years. They have earned multiple awards from the Real Estate Investment Network, by owning 60 plus doors through their companies, while simultaneously and successfully managing dozens of other doors for various investors.

Eric and Karen have essentially “seen it all”, achieving success in both up-markets and down-markets. Beginning with single family renovations and flips in the late 90's, they quickly moved on to apartment buildings, doing massive renovations, including Condominium conversions. Other buildings were held for long term rental.

In spite of the real estate meltdown of 2008, Eric and Karen remained strong and unscathed and successfully continued buying property using a wide range of strategies.

They grew their portfolio using their own money, partnering with other investors, using corporate-structured Joint Ventures, and creating sophisticated syndications done under an Offering Memorandum.

Eric is our big-picture guy. He takes care of structuring deals, designing the right financing for each property, selecting properties to purchase, and leading contractors through property renovations. Eric grew up in a real estate family, participating in extensive real estate development in his hometown of Terrace, BC. Eric came to Edmonton in the 1970s and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alberta.

Karen grew up in small-town in Alberta prior to moving to Edmonton in the ‘70s to gain CMA training and work in accounting. She’s worked for a number of years for the Canadian Home Builders Association (Edmonton Region) as their Accounting and Database Administrator. Today she’s a master of Real Estate’s nitty-gritty details, managing all month-to-month financial aspects such as collecting rents, controlling expenses, and monitoring mortgages.

These days, Eric and Karen have a special interest in the Edmonton Multi-Family market. They are respected members of the Edmonton Apartment Association (soon to be the Alberta Residential Landlord Association). Both are avid volunteers to their church community.

In his downtime, Eric likes puttering around his home shop, while Karen loves music, gardening and a good cross-stitch from time to time.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

If you’re looking for coaches who’ve “been there, done that”, to help you avoid land-mines en route to building your gold-mines, look no further than award-winning investors Eric & Karen Peters.

Just hear what others are saying form their experience: “I have known Eric and his wife Karen since 1995 through a variety of business ventures. I have come to appreciate his integrity, honesty and commitment in dealing with peers, partners and customers in a forthright and kind manner. His preparedness and knowledge are second to none and he willingly shares this knowledge with all who ask. Eric has a heart for people. He is an acknowledged leader who portrays the “Golden Rule” of life, whether it pertains to business, recreation, family or faith.” - Stu W, Investor, Edmonton AB.

We look forward to this opportunity to get to know you in such a way as to be able to coach you on your path to success. Let us share with you our well-oiled team of experts from Lawyers to Realtors to Maintenance professionals, who have helped us form a profound depth of skill and knowledge, through their own ability to close nearly any kind of deal. Your success will be our shared success!


-Investor since 1999. REIN member since 2000
-Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum REIN Awards
-Silver Multi-family REIN Award
-Twice a Top Ten award winner
-REIN Ambassador
-Actively involved in the purchase of 6 apartment buildings, consulted on many more
-Did 3 Condo Conversion projects, consulted on several others