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 Donald Rosom

  • Date Joined REIN: 06/01/2005
  •  # of years investing: 10

Areas of Expertise:

  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Renovations

Investing In:

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan


Don started his real estate investing business in 2005 in Regina, Saskatchewan with a 4-Plex, which he renovated and sold after three years. Don presently holds two single bungalows in Regina.

Don has been married to his beautiful wife Sophie for 40 years, and they share two daughters, five grandchildren, and a pet dog “Angel”. Don worked with SaskPower for 35 years as a Drafting Technician and Drafting Technician Supervisor; retired in March 2005. 

Don was raised on a farm at Davin, Saskatchewan, then moved to Regina in 1965 and has lived there ever since. Don is the oldest of three siblings. He completed high school in Regina as well as several university certifications in the area of AutoCAD drafting, marketing, and social media. 

Don was a competitive curler for 10 years; Runner in Molson’s Marathon 1971; SGI Classic five km 2004; Golfing; Toastmasters Club. As well he has participated in many motivational training and personal growth courses. Don loves hanging around positive thinking people, and frequently enjoys vacationing in Mexico with family and closest friends. 

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

Don's burning desire is to do his best in whatever he does, with honesty and integrity always at the forefront. He strives to do things in a way that will make our world a better place to live in.  Also, his goal is to be the best role model he can be for future generations, especially his grandchildren.  

Let him share with you his life philosophy: To never make the same mistake twice, To meet all challenges in life head on and never, ever quit! Always learn from others and always receive support from mentors and personal coaches to unlock your own potential to seek out life’s best opportunities.


Don's personal challenge has been to overcome the disability of a severe stuttering speech impediment which he has had since the age of five. In May 2003, he was fortunate to receive the Speech Easy Technology which has improved his fluency by approximately 95%. He rejoined Toastmasters Club, competing in speech contests, as well as taking on leadership roles. 

Don's involvement in Toastmasters currently obtained Advanced Communicator Silver, Advanced Leadership Bronze, as well as earning the Triple Crown Award in 2013/14.

Don has been a REIN member since 2005 and has participated in the REIN Mastery Program, REIN Results, REIN Adversity AQ, REIN Speak, Rapid Cash Program, REIA (DDBS); as well has been recognized for 10 years REIN membership award, and a Bronze Award.

Don has additional training with Ron LeGrand Creative Financing Training, as well as Mike Wolf Tax Liens and Deeds Auctions and has extensive training in the Houston Tax Deed Auction process.