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Donal Ward-McCarthy

  • Portfolio Worth: $2,625.000
  • Date Joined REIN: 11/04/2004
  • Properties in Portfolio: 7
  • #of years investing: 17

Areas of Expertise:

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Single Family
  • Duplex -4-plex

Investing In:

  • Alberta and Ontario


Donal Ward-McCarthy grew up in Ireland. From a very young age, Donal’s mother, a special needs teacher, always emphasized the importance of a good education in anything one does. Soon after graduation, Donal’s mother, who had battled terminal illness for many years passed away and Donal was left with a very modest real estate portfolio at the age of 22. 

Within months, Mr. Ward-McCarthy realized that if he was to continue owning real estate he had to become educated in the entire business of property rental and management. He then decided to renovate his principle residence, such that it could be a rental property and pay its own way, as he lived and worked with an electronics firm in another city. 

From the very first rental check deposited into Donal’s bank account, it was like a massive light bulb had switched on in his mind. He began to question: how many of these properties with mortgages paid off did a family really require to sustain retirement? 

Since then, Donal’s journey has led him to him to residing in Toronto, Canada. He is happily married and lives in a fantastic neighborhood of Toronto and works within his area as a real estate agent with Right At Home Realty Inc.

Since coming to Canada in 2003, Donal continued to pursue education in real estate investing. He sought out many educational facilities and in 2004 he attended a Real Estate Investment Network seminar in Ontario and was very impressed with the level of research done by the network into determining solid investment markets to invest in across Canada. This in depth level of research coincided with his own analytical background in engineering-REIN was a perfect fit.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

Having been involved with real estate ownership and as an investor for almost 2 decade, his goal as a real estate investment advisor is simply to both provide for you and elevate for you the following; 

1. Skills

2. Expertise

3. Knowledge

4. Relationships

With the highest importance placed on the following; 

5. Accountability

6. Taking action! 

He can easily provide assist you in achieving 1 through 4, but pushing you through to 5 and 6 are where he will make the greatest impact to you, your family and the future generations to come. Mr. Ward-McCarthy believes strongly in the bigger picture of life, and believes time with loved ones and time focused on your passions are equally important.

Donal’s strategy is that unless a property is an absolute waste of energy and resources one should hang onto it through thick and thin. Buy and Hold until the mortgage is paid off and you put yourself in a very powerful position in terms of overall net wealth. 


Since joining REIN in 2004 Donal has achieved a Silver Pin Investment status, (8+ properties transacted since becoming a member), and currently has 6 doors in his portfolio. 

Donal graduated in 1998 with an honors degree in Electrical & Micro-Electronic Engineering from the University of Cork City.