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Dani Hayes

  • Date Joined REIN: 21/01/2012
  •  # of years investing: 3
  • Properties in Portfolio: 9 (16 Doors)
  • Portfolio Worth: $3,600,000

Areas of Expertise:

  • Renovations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Property Management
  • Duplex-4-plex
  • Secondary Suites

Investing In:

  • Alberta


Dani planned to become a physician until she realized that she could achieve financial freedom faster through nursing employment and real estate investing with partners. Dani and her husband have been able to travel to Nicaragua, Belize, Peru, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Jamaica and Dominican Republic since beginning their investment journey. Real estate is used to fund her life and supports her values of health, fitness, family, happiness, and fun!

Dani completed a Bachelor of Science from Western University, where she met her now husband, Sean. She completed her second degree, a Bachelor of Nursing, from the University of Calgary, during which, her and her husband ran a successful fitness business out of their garage. Dani is now in charge of research and property management for Hayes Homes. She understands and appreciates that her tenants are her most valuable assets and she implements a system to select and retain quality tenants. Dani also enhances tenant relationships and keeps the properties looking great and fully functioning. She has put together an excellent team of professionals to assist in all tasks, including project management and the legalization of secondary suites.


If you want real estate to fund your life, to work less hours and bring home more, to be powerful and find your voice, to stand for more and find your way, then now is the time to make a choice.

Dani will help you harness and overcome your life's challenges by successfully enhancing your level of influence and ownership. She has a proven track record of coaching athletes, fellow real estate investors, and healthcare patients, including those recovering from traumatic brain injuries and strokes. No matter what the perceived burden, Dani will listen to your response, establish accountability and enhance your endurance, so you can analyze the evidence and see past any adversity. Take control and take action to reach your life worth and net worth goals today.


REIN Bronze and Silver awards

Renovation Secrets Tips Panel, REIN, 2015

Real Estate Investment Advisor – Level 1, DDBS, 2014

REIN Renovator of the Year, 2014

Real Estate Investor Tips Panel, REIN, 2014

A REIN Top Player of the Year, 2013

Overcoming Adversity, Peak Learning, 2013

Member, Calgary Residential Rental Association, 2012-Present