Fadi Habib



  • REIN Member Since: 2008
  • Ambassador Since: 2013
  • Fadi acquired 46 doors throughout his career, his current portfolio size is $3M


"Engineering a successful Portfolio: Fadi Habib's climb to the top." That was Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine's introduction to Fadi's profile published in the April 2013 issue.

Fadi immigrated to Canada 14 years ago, completed a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and started climbing the corporate ladder. Fadi then discovered real estate investing in 2001 and began educating himself. He joined REIN, and quickly adopted Don R. Campbell's philosophy in real estate investing.

During his real estate career, Fadi has acquired 46 doors and built his expertise through completing many transactions, from single family homes to fourplexes and commercial property. Fadi acquires properties through a combination of his own funds and joint venture partners.

Fadi's corporate career added a lot to his experience, with over 19 years experience in Business & Process Improvement, Project Management, Industrial Engineering and Quality & Product Management. He worked in Manufacturing, Oilfield Service Industry & Electronics Manufacturing. He is designated as a Professional Engineer (PEng) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Fadi has completed many real estate courses: Ron LeGrand's Quick Turn Investing, 6 REIN ACRE events, Creative Real Estate investing, Wholesaling & Foreclosures, Multi-Family Investing, Rent to Own investing, Raising Capital & Joint Ventures.

Some of Fadi's strengths are being good with numbers / analyzing deals, project management and being fiscally responsible which enables him to run his real estate portfolio and turn solid profits and ROI.

Current Occupation

  • Sr. Business Improvement Manager


  • Successfully pursuing both a full time corporate career & running his Real Estate portfolio, turning solid ROI
  • Award Winning Professional: Employee Award of Excellence Finalist (Top 2% Performers at Blackberry). Awarded 2 Merit Awards and the Six Sigma Regional Bronze Award from Celestica
  • Coached and mentored many in Real Estate investing, improving their net worth and financial education.

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Single & Multi Family properties. Luxury, high end executive Single families. Providing hassle free, profitable, solid Real Estate investment opportunities



"You are what you think, so think well ... think smart"
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