Eric Peters



  • REIN Member Since: 2000
  • Ambassador Since: 2013
  • Portfolio Size: 17 Properties under Management

I grew up in a small town in northern B.C. Through my childhood and youth, my parents involved me in many aspects of real estate development and investing, since that was part of their livelihood.

In 1970 I moved to Edmonton, where I earned a Science degree and Teaching Diploma from the University of Alberta. Soon after graduation I started a printing business, which my wife and I grew and then sold almost two decades later. I like to describe myself as University trained with real world experience.

I moved into Real Estate investing as my primary occupation in the mid 1990's.

People tell me that there are three key things they like about me: - I do what I say I'll do - I speak truth - I love to teach others what I do.

We have assembled a first class team of experts, with Real Estate, Condo and Securities Lawyers, Engineers, Surveyors, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and others; they add tremendous value to what we do.

I am seen as an expert in several areas related to multi family real estate - property locating, analysis and acquisition, property management and condo conversions, as well as consulting work for multi family Investors.

Current Occupation

  • Real Estate Investor


  • Top 10 REIN performance award two years running, Successfully built a number of Syndicated ventures, Coach to several REIN members doing Multi Family investments

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Property Management, Condo Conversions,Long Term Multi Family investing strategies


"Safe & Simple Real Estate Investing"
Email: Website: Phone: 780-619-0910