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As president of Hoffaco Property Management – - Adam Hoffman helps rental property owners in Waterloo and Kitchener. Between owning, managing, and renting hundreds of locations near three post-secondary institutions, he has extensive student rental experience. Adam is happy to share his knowledge and welcomes questions on rental property operations throughout Ontario. From involvement with a wide variety of non-student and student focused rentals ranging from: • One-hundred plus resident apartment buildings • Upscale single family housing • Condominium apartments and lofts • 10+ bedroom lodging houses He can provide perspective on the advantages and opportunities of different renter profiles and property types. Please contact him through Hoffaco's website at to discuss residential rental properties in Ontario.

If you want to EARN an excellent return and build long term wealth within Rental Real Estate you have to LEARN, Execute and Implement many strategies, this is the process that builds a solid business foundation and the steps to GROW – profitable. Rental Real Estate ownership has many moving parts – it can be complex at times ... so assembling a brilliant team is the key to success.

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