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Finding the time, the properties, the deal, and the money are just a few of the parts of the
ever-increasing complexities in building a financial future through real estate investing. At REIN, we want to know specifically, what would make a measurable difference today for YOU, the real estate investor, regardless of the stage and state of your portfolio accomplishments?

Better education? Broader research? Sharper insights? Stronger thought-leadership?

Try unapologetic mentorship.

REIN Coaching is endorsed by Bob Proctor!

Take a few moments to hear what one of the world’s great Authors, Speakers and Philosophers of our day, the Great Bob Proctor, has to say about the Benefits of obtaining a Mentor!


Where are you now and where would you like to be as a real estate investor THIS year?

Are you…

Starting? Then a REIN Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) will get you on a learning path by offering quick start programs and advice to help you get to your first investment property within the first year.

Stuck? Let a REIN REIA help you decode, decipher and move past obstacles, challenges, and sticking points that are preventing you from moving forward.

Accelerating? Have a REIN REIA create with you your next ‘game’ plan to help you play full out! Leverage and maximize your potential as a real estate investor; escape mediocrity and make playing small and safe a thing of the past.

Wanting more? If you think you have mastered Real Estate Investing, your REIN REIA will look to design and develop commercial and institutional approaches to generating even more successes for yourself and your portfolio.

Bottom Line: Your REIN REIA Will Elevate Your Real Estate Investment Game

REIN Real Estate Investment Advisors are committed and equipped to help you:

  • Eliminate roadblocks by helping you create solutions to challenges
  • Discover new ways to do deals
  • Build or grow your portfolio
  • Stay Accountable to your goals to increase your productivity and achievement
  • Globalize your reach
  • Elevate your game to raise capital: find investors and centers of influence
  • Commercialize relationships with professionals and vendors

THIS is your year to build your portfolio and accelerate your investment business farther and faster than you thought possible.

Quite simply, working with a coach is one consistently predictable game-changing strategy that will accelerate you toward achieving your goals, and a Real Estate Investment Advisor will jump-start you in your investing (no matter what kind of investing you do and no matter what market you’re in) with real, personal, experienced, 100% Canadian guidance that is dedicated to you.

So what exactly is an REIA?

Most of us have a number of professional advisors in our life: financial advisors and health professionals for example. Until now, a certified professional advisor for those who invest in real estate has not been available. For those who are not realizing their goals in the stock market, the REIA provides unique and valuable service, insight and advice to both current real estate investors and those with plans of adding real estate to their investment portfolios.

The DDBS, in collaboration with REIN, have certified the initial cohort of Real Estate Investment Advisors. REIA graduates had to meet minimum criteria, including:

  • REIN membership of a minimum of two years;
  • A portfolio of at least five investment properties;
  • A commitment to be of service to fellow real estate investors inside the commercial framework of providing mentorship, coaching and advice.

Through conversations with you, a REIN REIA is committed to:

  • Simplifying real estate investing empathetically
  • Shrinking the learning curve by mentoring you with small, digestible bite size chunks of real estate strategies
  • Provoke thought, produce clarity, define results

We all learn things differently, and the path to accessing your own mastery is through a coach or mentor.

People buy into the idea that the best way to optimize your potential is to assess your natural strengths, (referred to as talents or gifts) and build your pursuits around them. Natural strengths DO matter; however, relying on them solely can be tragically limiting. This is precisely why learning about them is like waking up, getting coached is like standing up, and being mentored is like JUMPING up.

Mahatma Gandhi once wrote that ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’

Getting Your Very Own REIN Real Estate Investment Advisor
Provides You Access To Galvanizing Your Will

Will is comprised of four parts, including: Determination, Desire, Decisiveness and Drive. None of these are ‘teachable’ traits. They are already within you! They are often in a state equivalent to hibernation. Only upon awakening them and with the appropriate utilization of each, do you begin to not only harness the magic and power of your will, but to succeed in real estate investing and in life.

Will may prove to be a formidable force that can overcome, even overpower, other winning traits. To be strong-willed about something is to put your force of conviction and effort behind it.To want it, focus on it, decide it must be done and then do it.This is the role of your REIN REIA, to help you define what you wish to achieve, and then get you to achieve it.

The REIN Advisor 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your REIN Advisor will provide a baseline of achievement and have you forward your real estate investment aspirations by:

  • Creating with you clear real estate investment goals, outcomes and results.
  • Determining and deciding on deadlines, milestones and check-points to qualify your progress.
  • Engaging in conversations about real estate economics, choices and challenges, to ensure you are getting clarity, confidence and conviction in your next steps.
  • Cross referencing real-time, personal examples on next-step and how-to’s.

You will have:

  • Email access: Get questions answered within 24 hours
  • Phone conversations: Honest, authentic and transparent advice on any and all real estate matters
  • Assistance on deal review and property analysis

And step by step, week by week, month by month – you’ll get your goals attained!

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"I was feeling stuck in building my business when I decided to try REIN's coaching program. Immediately I loved the feeling of confidence that came with knowing I had an experienced mentor that I could call on immediately to overcome obstacles in my business. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly a short phone call or email would help me get back on track toward my goals. Sometimes we know all the information and just need someone to help us put all the pieces together!"

Andrew Keddy