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The annual REIN Awards have become a tradition in the REIN community, a time to celebrate the accomplishments of its members. If you've done some amazing things in the world of real estate investing, or know of other REIN members who have done the same, we want to know about them.


The Awards are open to ALL REIN members. Five sets of awards will be presented based on the REIN member's residence in:

  1. BC and Yukon
  2. Alberta North -- Alberta north of Red Deer, Northwest Territories, Saskatoon and area
  3. Alberta South -- Alberta south, including Red Deer, Regina and area, Manitoba
  4. Ontario, Toronto, Quebec, Maritimes
  5. Ontario, Ottawa

It's not just about the number of buildings or doors that a REIN member has purchased during 2019; we also look at:

  • Ethics
  • Contribution to the REIN Community
  • Contribution to other communities
  • Property selection
  • Financial performance
  • Innovation


  1. You can nominate yourself in one or more Award categories -- but only once per category
  2. You can nominate another REIN member in one or more Award categories -- but only once per category
  3. You can campaign amongst your fellow Members, clients, and REIN faculty and ask them to nominate you in one or more categories
  4. Only those with the highest number of nominations in each category will be invited to submit supporting documentation in order to proceed to the Finalist stage

Final date for submissions: June 15, 2019

For any questions please contact Cheryl Maycock at