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Top BC Investment Town Real Estate Research Released

February 10, 2014

National Independent Real Estate Research Company
Releases Finding of BC Economic Analysis
"Surrey is the Number One place to invest in BC"

Mar. 10th - The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™), Canada's leading real estate research, education, and consulting organization for the last 17 years, is pleased to release its report on the Top BC Investment Towns for real estate investment. The 120-page report, titled Top BC Investment Towns, is based on the analysis of key economic fundamentals for investors and home owners across North America.   

Top BC Investment Towns analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment opportunities in BC, and identifies the top regions that will outperform in the coming decade. REIN™'s findings are based on in-depth research, analysis of the latest statistics, economic and social trends, and on-the-ground reports from REIN™'s research staff and members.  

Today's Market Turmoil means Opportunity for Investors & First Time Home-Buyers
"Despite today's continuing market turmoil, our research indicates that there are more buying opportunities now than in the last few years, meaning more investment options and better yields" said report lead author Don R. Campbell, REIN™ President and author of the best-selling books Real Estate Investing in Canada and 97 Tips For Real Estate Investing.   

"We've just come out of the Tiger Woods years of real estate investing, where you won no matter what you bought.  Now we get back to market reality where economic fundamentals, not speculation, will once again play the key role in whether a property increases in value or drops.  Today's market correction provides buying opportunities for home owners and investors, however only in select regions of the province. The years of skyrocketing prices are finally over, however, over the long term the economic fundamentals of these key regions will help their property values dramatically outperform other regions of the province."

The Top BC Investment Towns report list:

1) Surrey
2) Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows
3) Abbotsford
4) Kamloops
5a) Dawson Creek
5b) Fort St. John
6) Kelowna
7) Comox Valley
8) Penticton
9) Vancouver
10) Prince George
11) Vernon

Surrey on Top of the list

When reviewing Surrey's economic fundamentals, we see an area going through a positive transition. Others have taken notice as well, as we are witnessing an increase in population and business growth.  Surrey has experienced tremendous growth and the trend looks to continue for many years to come due to its location, relative affordability and transportation changes. Because of the size and diversity of the city, it is impossible to lump the whole region into one category.  However some neighbourhoods such as Surrey Central are far more viable for investing due to the proximity to transit, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University Surrey campus, and lower housing values.  Centrally located, positioned to benefit from the existing and upcoming transportation projects, and benefitting from forward focused city leaders, this area is poised to shine.

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows will benefit tremendously from increased housing values due to transportation projects

This region has been hampered by poor transportation infrastructure for decades. Thus, property values and population growth have been lower historically than other areas located similar distances from the downtown core.  Once all of the Translink/Gateway Project components are completed, Maple Ridge will be among the most accessible regions in the Lower Mainland; this will drive demand for both residential and commercial/industrial property and because it has some of the lowest average priced real estate in the Lower Mainland this demand is poised to drive up both property values and rent. A decade from now, as the transition takes hold, this area will become known as "The Lower Mainland's Place To Live For Lifestyle."

Abbotsford has the best opportunities in the Fraser Valley

From transportation changes, to increased localized job growth focused on the Mt. Lehman corridor, to an increasing population, Abbotsford will continue to attract people from across the province.  As the transportation arteries are opened up in the Lower Mainland with the Gateway projects, Abbotsford will become an even more attractive location for manufacturing and distribution companies, bringing in higher income jobs to the region. The "City in the Country" will go through the inevitable growing pains as diversification continues; however, there is no stopping Abbotsford from maturing into the city it can be, both economically and as 'a great place to live.'

It's important to note that real estate investors must perform detailed research on each town's specific fundamentals and neighbourhoods prior to investing. The full 120-page report is available for $59.97 from the REIN™ office by phone at 888-824-7346 or email