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Cutting Through Real Estate Hype

June 13, 2006

Cutting through hype first step to making money in real estate
Would-be investors must remove emotion from investment decisions

(Edmonton – June 13, 2005) – The key to making money in real estate is to remove emotion from the equation, and focus on the real economic strengths and weaknesses, says veteran investor and author Don Campbell. Being armed with proper knowledge allows investors to make decisions based on economic fundamentals rather than instinct or gut feelings.

“Investing should not be exciting,” says Campbell. “If it is, you’re doing something horribly wrong.”

Campbell’s new book, Real Estate Investing in Canada (Wiley / May 2005), outlines a proven Canadian specific approach to investing in real estate – an approach that has made Campbell and his clients a great deal of money since 1992. His clients have used this system to invest in over 12,600 properties with a value of over $1 Billion.

Campbell says many would-be investors have similar worries that may be preventing them from investing in real estate, most of these perceptions based on mis-information or hype. This initial skepticism is healthy, he says, however it should not be a deterrent. Campbell says the key to confidently entering a real estate investment is to follow a proven system that helps investors unemotionally answer the economic questions of whether a market will continue upward or will soon drop.

The system should be proven in all market conditions upwards, downward or flat.

Don’s entertaining and engaging interview style takes the complex subject of real estate investing and makes it accessible to the viewer or listener. He assists average investors to cut through all the hype and baloney that surrounds the investment real estate industry, so they can make clear and confident investment decisions based on real life numbers.

Campbell owns over 200 properties himself and only teaches what he uses himself – no hype, no baloney, just real life.

Segment Ideas for Don Campbell, author of REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN CANADA

How to Create Wealth with the ACRE System


  • Top 10 Canadian Towns to Invest In – Based on the 12 Fundamentals of real estate, where would the best place to be investing?
  • Cutting through hype in real estate market – what questions do investors have to ask themselves when considering a property? How do you know if you are truly getting a “great deal”?
  • Market Prices – Are prices at their peak? Is it too late to get into the market? – We’ve all heard the lament before: I should have bought 5 years ago! But is it really too late to get into the real estate investment game? How do you know when an area has peaked?
  • A good deal – How do I know if I am getting a good deal on a property or not?
  • The 2 Key Sure-Fire Fundamentals That Predict The Future of Real Estate Prices.
  • The key differences between buying a house to live in and buying an investment property
  • The biggest trap that real estate investors fall into – and how to avoid it. 

    Contact: Don Campbell