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British Columbia's Top Investment Towns Named For 2010 - 2015

June 15, 2010

National Independent Real Estate Research Company Releases Updated Findings of BC Economic Analysis

 "The City of Surrey remains the number one place to invest in BC"

June 15th - The Real Estate Investment Network’s (REIN™) release of Top British Columbia Investment Towns analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment opportunities in BC. The 120 page report states that recent market correction provides buying opportunities for home owners and investors; however, only in select regions of the province. It identifies which areas will outperform in the coming decade and finds that City of Surrey is the top area in British Columbia in which to invest in real estate.

REIN™ is Canada's leading real estate research, education, and consulting organization for the last 18 years and its latest report is an analysis of key economic fundamentals for investors and home owners across North America. The in-depth research is based on the latest statistics, economic and social trends, and on-the-ground reports from REIN™'s research staff, members and industry professionals.

Today's Market Turmoil means Opportunity for Investors & First Time Home-Buyers

During the recent economic downturn, this diversity was brought to light even more evidently, with properties in regions that were already suffering being hit the hardest while the Lower Mainland proved to be a Canadian leader in the market recovery.

BC is still poised to be one of the economic leaders in 2011 and 2012 as the economy finds its post recession footing and begins to create jobs across many regions of the province. For investors, the time to ensure they are focusing on positive cash-flow properties is here. This is not a time to buy hoping for values to skyrocket; it is a time for yield, return on investment and diligence.

The Top BC Investment Towns report list:

1) Surrey

2) Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

3) Abbotsford

4) Kamloops

5) Kelowna

6a) Dawson Creek

6b) Fort St. John

7) Comox Valley

8) Penticton

9) Vancouver

10) Prince George

11) Vernon


When reviewing Surrey's economic fundamentals, we see an area going through a positive transition. Others have taken notice as well, as we are witnessing an increase in population and business growth. As the fastest growing city in Canada, Surrey is predicted to take Vancouver’s place as the largest city in British Columbia in coming years. With major transportation projects underway in the region, more people will be attracted to Surrey as a place to live and do business. In the next decade, the city will continue to see explosive population growth, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding where to invest. This population growth - combined with the major transportation improvements the region will be enjoying over the coming years, and the relatively affordable housing (when compared to other cities in the Lower Mainland region) - will continue to position Surrey as one of the top regions in the province for economic and real estate growth.

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

This region has been hampered by poor transportation infrastructure for decades. Thus, property values have been historically lower than other areas located the same distance from the CBD. Of all the regions in the Lower Mainland, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are poised to enjoy the most positive impact from the TransLink and Gateway Transportation improvements. This new accessibility will bring a strong and consistent growth to the region, not just in residents but also in companies relocating to a lower cost region. The construction of the bridges, along with the twinning of Highway 7, will add increased accessibility to the region, and shorten the commute times of residents working outside the city.


With a population of over 134,000 people, Abbotsford has earned the title of the 5th largest city in British Columbia. From transportation changes to increased localized job growth, to an increasing population, Abbotsford will continue to attract people from across the province. A new high tech park has recently been opened, and along with a major expansion of the commercial and industrial lands on the Mt. Lehman Corridor, this will help the economic diversification to continue into the near future. The recent release of 178.5 hectares from the Agricultural Land Reserve will add to the city’s available residential, commercial, and industrial development space, ensuring the city will witness even more growth in the next decade.

About the Real Estate Investment Network™

Founded in 1993, the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™) has grown over the years to become Canada’s leading real estate research and education organization. REIN™ does not sell or market real estate to its members or the general public, but instead conducts objective and unbiased research, analysis and investor education. For further information on REIN™, visit

It's important to note that real estate investors must perform detailed research on each town's specific fundamentals and neighbourhoods prior to investing. The full 120-page report is available to the media at no charge by contacting Melanie Reuter by phone at 888-824-7346 or email and to members of the public for $59.97 from the REIN™ office by phone at 888-824-7346, email and at

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