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Alberta's real estate markets ranked: Which cities will outperform in the coming five years

October 23, 2017


New research identifies the ten cities in Alberta that have the brightest future, despite today's economic conditions 

VANCOUVER, Oct. 23, 2017 /CNW/ - A new report released today analyzed and ranked cities and towns across the province to identify which markets will be best for homebuyers and investors.  The Top 10 Towns and Cities - Alberta list uses detailed economic and demographic analysis on 36 factors to assist Albertans in making the right choice on whether now is a good time to buy a property, or is it better to wait.

The Real Estate Investment Network is an independent research firm who has been producing these reports on housing markets across Canada for 25 years. Due to its independence from real estate firms or associations, it has earned its reputation as an accurate and unbiased research source.

The report provides the research details of each of the top 10 cities. Ranked in order of potential for housing market strength over the coming five year period:

  1. Edmonton
  2. Calgary
  3. Leduc
  4. Fort Saskatchewan
  5. Lethbridge
  6. Okotoks
  7. Red Deer
  8. Medicine Hat
  9. Airdrie

10. Lacombe

"There are interesting times ahead for Alberta as a province. However, within these interesting times, trends are beginning to emerge that are pointing to some regions of the province showing signs of stabilizing while others are slowly beginning to enter a growth curve. These regions are identified in this report." says REIN's Senior Analyst Don R. Campbell. "While these top ten continue to be in the technical slump phase of REIN's Real Estate Cycle, this can be an optimal time for strategic and patient homebuyers and investors to begin to slowly enter the market again."

Not only does the report list the top ten towns and cities to invest in Alberta based on economic fundamentals, but also, for the first time ever, REIN's research shows:

  • Where each city sits in the technical phase of REIN's real estate cycle.
  • For investors: Given each city's phase in REIN's real estate cycle, the report shares which investment tactics will be the most effective.
  • For homebuyers: The report provides answers to the key question on whether now is good time to buy, given a city's position in the cycle, or whether waiting is a better option.

For those who pay close attention there is opportunity, but only with select property types, locations and tactics.

About REIN:

REIN has more than 25 years experience in the Canadian Real Estate Investment industry. It delivers unmatched research and analysis to our members, the media, the corporate world and the public. We publish unbiased research and educational material with a sharp focus on real estate markets across Canada. REIN uses analytic tools, formulae, and economic fundaments based on our proprietary ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) system. REIN analysis helps homeowners and investors make financial decisions that are fact-based, not emotionally driven.

SOURCE Real Estate Investment Network Ltd

For further information: Media contact: Jennifer Hunt, Vice President, Real Estate Investment Network,, 604.449.6034

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