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REIA Coaching Application


Application Process


Applicant Information

Please enter your full name


Please note: Please write all content in the 3rd person. (i.e. “An active and successful real estate investor for over eight years in the Calgary area, John’s portfolio includes...”)

Your biography will be posted online. Please make sure to proofread your biography before submitting.


Terms & Conditions


Video Submission:
* To send your video log on to: with the Subject Line: REIA Video
* Videos must be in .mp4, .mov, or .qt formats
* Must be 2 minutes or less
*Video`s must be filmed in landscape view


REIA graduate (herein also referred to as "REIA") and REIN (herein also referred to as "the client").

1. I understand that I, the REIA, am entering a commercial relationship with the client (REIN) for the purpose of offering my services as a real estate investment coach and educator to the client's members.

2. I understand that under no circumstances, and by no way, is the client endorsing the REIA’s independent products, services, opportunities or investments in any shape or form. The client is strictly and purely referring Members to the REIA solely for educational and coaching purposes wherein all professional fees charged are split fifty: fifty (50/50).

3. I understand that I must provide a personal and professional bio that includes real estate accomplishments, photo, video and contact information for review and approval by REIN. I agree that by providing the above information to REIN, I authorize them to verify the accuracy of my statements, publish, share and market the said information freely for the promotion of the REIA coaching program.

4. I understand that changes to the final web page will be made upon approval by REIN at a fee of $50 per request.

5. I understand that I am an independent business and I am sub-contracting my services to REIN and as such I do not have an employee/employer relationship to REIN or any of its affiliate group of companies at any time as an REIA.

6. I understand that in order to maintain my REIA status I must remain a Member of REIN in good standing, with no outstanding arrears.

7. I understand and agree upon the following procedure to invoice the REIN Office:

  • REIN will provide a quarterly statement of revenue earned to each REIA
  • Any outstanding arrears on REIA account shall be deducted from revenue earned
  • All revenues generated through REIA coaching will be split 50/50 between the REIA and REIN
  • The REIA will submit an invoice to REIN for their proportionate share of the quarterly statement plus applicable taxes
  • Invoices will be paid to the REIA within 30 days of receipt

8. I understand that should I wish to actively promote my own real estate business within REIN I will use only the sponsorship and promotion opportunities and methods provided and approved by REIN.

9. I understand I must abide by the standards of non-solicitation when using, or any of the membership communication channels provided by REIN.

10. I agree that if a REIN member, or guest approaches me for professional real estate advice, services or information that I will respond in a manner that is consistent with the primary objectives of REIN, namely; to provide an unbiased education and support environment for real estate investors wishing to learn and implement the strategies taught by REIN.

11. I understand that my non-compliance with the statement above could result in the termination of my REIN Membership. These actions may be taken either with or without a corresponding release from my full financial obligations of Membership, at the sole discretion of REIN.

12. I understand that I am not an agent of REIN and therefore have no authority to bind REIN to any agreements.

13. I agree that REIN can provide me in writing any challenges, objections or inquiries toward my services wherein I have ten (10) business days to respond. Should a challenge or problem not be remedied, REIN reserves the right to bring notice to The Dragons Den Business School for review of your business conduct or practice.

14. I understand the materials, concepts, analysis and education are proprietary to REIN, and are owned by REIN and at no time shall be copied, or reproduced for the purpose of resale, repurposing or distribution without consent of REIN. All requests are to be sent to

15. I understand that I hereby indemnify REIN, its partners, officers and directors.